We Can't Wait to Meet You

Michelle Lucas MTDMy Family Doula was founded in 2018 to bring support and care to familes. As the founder, I’ve helped friends and family through labor and birth for many years. I brought support all day and/or all night as they labored, bringing comfort and support. This was not my job or a hobby, I simply lovee helping people. This passion lead to my decision to become a trained birth doula.

I have also always loved photography and especially newborn photography. There is something about a newborn, so precious and wonderful. I found myself bringing my camera when I would support a friend during labor and birth and had an opportunity to capture those first moments between new parents and their newborn baby. Over the years I was encouraged often that I should pursue a career as a doula. I began reading, researching and dreaming of becoming a Doula. 

Now, I look forward to serving more and more as My Family Doula grows to support more familes through in person birth and postpartum support as well as Virtual support now available where ever you live. We are here for you. You are not alone.

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