How Can We Support You?

Doula Support is offered through many modes. You may simply need a few questions answered or you might be ready to hire your birth doula for In-Person or VIRTUAL Support. We also offer birth preparation classes, both for in-person and virtual applications. My Family Doula offers a full range of support options to meet your needs. We look forward to serving and supporting you.

VirtualSupportCallSTART HERE - Free "Clarity Call" Consultation via Zoom or phone
This Clarity Call is the first step in beginning a support journey with My Family Doula

This call will help answer questions and determine the level of support to meet your needs
Easily book your Clarity call using our Calendly link
Clarity Call is a free 30-min, no obligation, consultation
Book today to get started on your My Family Doula Journey

VirtualDoulaSupport3Prenatal Coaching ($240)
Five hours of personalized support to help you prepare for the birth of your baby

Answer questions, review or help you create birth plan
Learn and/or review labor positions & comfort measures
Two, 2.5-hour Zoom calls or in-person meetings
One-on-one, private Zoom call with you and your support doula

birthclassPrepared for Childbirth Group Classes ($120) - in person and Zoom available
Three hours of teaching to repare you and your partner for labor, birth, newborn care and postpartum

Learn labor tools for breathing, relaxation, labor positions, comfort measures, birth plan and making informed decisions.
Offered both in-person (Boise, ID area) and Virtually via Zoom (Two, 90-min classes)

birthclassBirth Doula ($700) In-person support available in the Boise/Treasure Valley areas 
Support Includes:
2 Prenatal Visits at your home or via Zoom if preferred
Welcome Kit
Help educate and prepare you and your partner for labor/birth
Support via email, text, phone and Zoom

Monthly check-in call from time of hiring, Weekly from 37 weeks 
On-call 24/7 from 38 weeks
Continuous support during labor, birth and postpartum. In-person support until you go to hospital or birth center. If in-person support is not permitted at the time of labor and birth, Virtual support will be provided for the same length of time. I will be available via phone, text, email, Zoom and FaceTime
I will also monitor your labor, suggest changes to positions and help your partner/on-site coach better support you
Breastfeeding instruction and support as needed
1-2 Postpartum visits as needed usually 1-3 weeks following birth

VirtualDoulaSupport ZoomVirtual Doula Support ($600)
YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Virtual Doula Support is an essential option in these crazy times.
Support includes:
Welcome Kit via email

4-hours of prenatal visits via Zoom - prepare for labor, remove fears, learn labor positions and movements, understand hospital protocols and procedures, education and advocacy for informed consent, prepared and ready for a positive labor/birth experience
1-2-hour partner coaching call (one-on-one with partner sharing Doula tips and techniques)
Unlimited text support
On-call support from 38 weeks gestation until the baby is born
Ongoing 24-hour Zoom video and/or phone support during labor
Using video and calls, your doula will monitor your labor, suggest changes to positions and help your partner/on-site coach better support you

Breastfeeding instruction and support as needed
2-hours postpartum (usually broken up into two calls)

Ready to start your My Family Doula journey? We are here for you.  Book30minclaritycall 

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